TECHNICAL NOTE – ProScan III Communication Speed

Learn how to increase the communication speed of your ProScan III Controller from your computer.

Prior Scientific HLD117 Stage Featured In Laser-Based Confocal IR Microscopy System

Researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are utilizing the ProScan HLD117 Linear Motor Stage as the centerpiece of a groundbreaking laser confocal microscope system used to automate breast cancer biopsies.

Optimize Z Stack Image Acquisition Speed Using ProScan III TTL Breakout Box (H31TTLBB)

Using a Master 8 pulse generator and Prior ProScan III XYZ motor controller with Prior’s TTL Breakout Box Shutter, and Z Motor to create a high speed Z stack imaging system

Using ProScann III TTL Outputs to Increase Image Acquisition Speed

“Two Wire Trigger” method for Photometrics camera and Prior Scientific ProScan III stage to create a “High Speed Scanning” mode.

Prior Scientific’s LF210 Laser Autofocus System

This application note describes the Prior LF210 laser autofocus; ideal for users working with hard and reflective samples.

Automated Semiconductor Wafer Visual Inspection And Defect Review

Using Motion Control and Image Analysis Software Integrated With Prior ProScan-3 XY Motorized Stage and ProZ Stand to Create a High Performance Inspection System.

Geological Sample Imaging

This application overview shows how an OptiScan III and associated stage and focus motor helped an artist capture images inside rocks and minerals.

Brain Imaging Application Overview

This application overview demonstrates how a Prior Well Plate Loader and the PLW110 helped Dr Nick Barry, at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, image whole mouse brains quickly and effectively.

Cancer Screening Application Overview

This application overview shows how a PL200 slide loader allowed more rapid scanning, imaging and digitisation of samples from cancer patients.

Cancer Research application overview

This application overview shows how a shutter and H117 stage from Prior Scientific are used to aid in capturing the extremely high quality images needed for cancer research.

Drug Discovery application overview

Discover how a PLW20 Well Plate Loader is used to help a pharmaceutical company screen potential compounds for drug development.

Sperm Testing Application Overview

This application overview demonstrates how an LED illumination source from Prior Scientific is used to aid in sperm analysis.

Light Analysis for Pathology

A lab specialising in pathology wanted to measure the spectral data of their illumination source.